Begin Orthodontic Care This Summer

Is someone in your family ready for orthodontic treatment? Then there’s no better time than the summer to get started. And at Sierra Dental Care, you can be seen by a board-certified orthodontist. Dr. Cameron Wheeler can assess your child’s teeth and help you find the right treatment to create a straight smile. Of course, we also offer ...

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Dental Crowns Recreate Great Smiles (infographic)

Fix your broken tooth. Repair that cracked tooth. Improve your smile and eat what you want without pain once again. How? By getting a dental crown from Sierra Dental Care. Crowns can correct a number of problems, so you can smile, speak, and eat naturally again. If you are a missing a tooth, a crown can be added to a dental implant for a ...

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Don’t Let A TMJ Disorder Control You

You just wanted to eat a bagel for breakfast. That shouldn’t be a big deal. Yet, that’s exactly what the problem was. You took a bite, but chewing was just too much. Your jaw felt sore and you couldn’t eat another bite. That’s on top of the headaches you been having most mornings for weeks, if not months. Those issues have been getting ...

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Be Wise: Get An Oral Cancer Screening

You should get regular dental checkups, but you already know that. You need professional cleanings and exams to fight cavities and gum disease. But there's another, arguably more important, reason to visit our Modesto, CA dental office. Oral cancer isn't as common as tooth decay, but it's much more important to find it early. We conduct oral ...

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Save The Date … For A Great Smile (infographic)

If you are getting married (congratulations!), are in a wedding party, or just are planning to attend a wedding this summer, you should expect to have your picture taken at some point. Before wedding season arrives, make plans to give your smile an upgrade at Sierra Dental Care. Through our cosmetic dentistry, you can improve the appearance of ...

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Schedule A Spring Cleaning With Our Family Dentists

The first official day of Spring is just around the corner. Many of us use this time to do a big cleaning at our homes. The payoff from getting rid of junk and old things that we haven’t touched or seen in years is we create more room and a cleaner living space. Spring is also a great time to get dental cleanings and exams at our family ...

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Healthy Gums Help You & Your Smile

You know that you are supposed to floss your teeth, but it’s just one of those things you seem to forget. Since you’ve got a dental checkup next week, you decide you should at least floss in the days leading up to your appointment, right? When you do floss, you can’t help noticing that your gums are bleeding. Is that good? Your gums look ...

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Four Ways To Protect Your Kids’ Smiles (infographic)

Four in 10 kids will experience tooth decay by the time they turn 11 years old, according to the National Institutes of Health. Like you, our team at Sierra Dental Care wants your family to remain cavity-free. So, in recognition of Children’s Dental Health Month, we are sharing some reminders of what you and your family can do to keep your ...

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Create Your Own Hollywood Smile At Our Office

The red carpet. The fancy outfits. Photographers capturing every entrance, and every smile — every award-worthy smile. It’s awards season for the entertainment industry, so you’ll be seeing lots of pictures of stars flashing those famous “Hollywood smiles” over the next month or so. The thing is you can have your own version of a perfect ...

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Enjoy the Confidence That Comes With Straight Teeth

It’s time. You don’t have to live with a crooked smile any longer. 2019 can be the year you do something you’ve wanted to do for a while. And visiting Sierra Dental Care can be your first step toward a straighter and healthier smile. At our office, you can be treated by a board-certified orthodontist in Modesto, CA. But Dr. Cameron Wheeler ...

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