4 Good Reasons to Visit Our Dentists (infographic)

Finding a family dentist is important for your sake and for the people you care about the most. That’s why we are sharing some good reasons you should visit our general dentists if you live in or near Modesto, CA. We offer a wide range of services using advanced technology in a comfortable setting with a compassionate team of dental ...

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Get Screened for Oral Cancer Soon

We normally don’t like discussing cancer in our dental blog, but April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. We believe it’s worth taking a little time to discuss oral cancer symptoms and risk factors with you. We perform oral cancer screenings as a part of our routine dental exams at our Modesto, CA office. While we don’t treat oral cancer here, we ...

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Better Technology Makes Family Dentistry Better, Too (video)

At Sierra Dental Care, we take a lot of pride in being a local family dentist office serving Modesto, CA and the surrounding communities. Part of our commitment to you, our patients, is keeping up with dental technology. This can make your dental care more efficient and more comfortable as well. Imagine going to a dentist and never having to bite down on ...

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It’s Time To Let Your Smile Shine!

Spring is here, and to us, that’s just another reason to smile. Lots of people do spring cleaning around the house. It’s the perfect time to get rid of some of the junk you’ve got lying around the house to make it look nicer. So, why not do the same thing for your mouth? Get rid of the plaque and tartar buildup, and while you’re at Sierra ...

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We Set Your Child Up For Dental Success! [VIDEO]

Bringing your child to the dentist can be tricky. To set them up for a lifetime of dental success, you need the right team who knows how to create a positive, safe experience for your child. That’s exactly what we do here at Sierra Dental Care! Here’s Dr. Manuel explaining our approach to children’s dentistry and how we work to make kids ...

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Dental Implants: The Gold Medalists Of Dentistry [BLOG]

  At Sierra Dental Care, we pride ourselves on continuing our training, education, and investment in the latest technology so you get the best in modern dental treatment. One of the ways you see the direct impact of that commitment is with our variety of tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, which lead to tooth loss solutions ...

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Surprising Ways Your Life Affects Your Oral Health [BLOG]

We love seeing you at Sierra Dental Care for routine cleanings and exams. Getting to know you is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do here in Modesto, CA! After all, we care about keeping your smile healthy as much as you do! That’s why, with World Oral Health Day coming up on March 20, we thought it was a great time to devote the blog to ...

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Teething Tips For Soothing Your Baby’s Gums [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trying to soothe a teething baby can be a very stressful experience. You can try all sorts of methods to make your child feel more comfortable, but you probably often end up feeling completely defeated. We’re here to support you! Our team at Sierra Dental Care are great with children and have several solutions for soothing your teething baby. ...

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Come Back To The Dentist With Help From Sedation [BLOG]

  Our team at Sierra Dental Care wants to encourage you to come back to the dentist with the help of sedation dentistry so you can have a new, healthy smile you deserve! Here are just a few ways that sedation dentistry can give you the courage get your oral health back on track. *It Could Actually Save You Time In The Chair* Often, it’s not ...

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Hear About Our Efficient, Polite Dental Staff! [VIDEO]

At Sierra Dental Care, we know our practice is only as good as its staff. That’s why we’re proud of our efficient, polite team here in Modesto, CA. No matter what kind of dental treatment you need, our highly-trained, caring professionals have what it takes to keep you smiling! Hear what Dr. Gerodias has to say about why he feels confident ...

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