We Want Your Kids To Have Healthy, Happy Smiles

Do you remember your first dental visit? You might, you might not. You will probably remember your children's first official trip to the dentist, however. This is a big milestone for them and for you as a parent. We understand this is important, and we want to make pediatric dentistry as pleasant as it can be in our Modesto, CA, office. If you are ...

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Don’t Fear Your Dental Care: 3 Steps to Beating Dental Anxiety

Our entire practice here at Sierra Dental Care is geared toward making you feel comfortable. Unlike the “take a number” culture that you may have experienced in dental care chains, Sierra Dental Care treats you like a real person with unique needs. Call our Modesto, CA office today at 209-846-3961 to schedule your appointment and see how a personalized ...

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Dental Care That Won’t Break the Bank: 3 Ways to Save on Your Dental Care

One common selling point that dental care chains push on patients is their affordable prices for dental care. Well, Sierra Dental Care is able to offer the same affordable dentistry in the Modesto, CA area, and give you the added benefit of personalized dental care that you cannot get from a chain. Are you ready for a better dental experience? ...

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Eat Your Way to a Great Smile: 5 Foods That Improve Your Dental Health

Sierra Dental Care has everything you need to have a healthy smile. We offer dental cleanings and dental exams, gum disease treatment, and a number of other treatments to take care of any oral health issues you have. Call our Modesto, CA office today at 209-846-3961 to get on your way to a healthier smile. We offer convenient hours so you won’t miss work ...

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Invisalign: The Adult Choice for Orthodontic Care

At Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA, you can find an orthodontic solution unlike any other you may have seen. In fact, this one is invisible to the people around you, is removable, and can straighten your teeth in less than half the time that traditional braces take. Invisalign is the adult orthodontic option for a straighter smile. Call Sierra ...

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Sierra Dental Care Is Here To Help You Have a Great Smile

At Sierra Dental Care, we provide you with affordable dental care that allows you to feel like family instead of a number. We also have the opportunity to help you live a healthier life in between your dental appointments. The Sierra Dental Care dental blog is a great place to go to for tips on how to live a healthier life and improve your smile, ...

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