Is Your Smile in Shape for Your Vacation?

With the popularity of smartphones and their built-in cameras, you or someone close to you will probably be taking a “selfie” this summer. It may be part of a family vacation. It may be during a weekend road trip with some of your friends. It might even be part of a “staycation” in your own backyard. Whenever that moment comes, we want you ...

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See Yourself With A New Smile This Summer

Summer is approaching fast. It’s often a busy time. With longer days and warm weather, people want to get out and do things with their family and friends. That’s why so many people plan cookouts, vacations, and weddings during this time of year. If you’ve got plans for this summer, you probably want to look your best for those special ...

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Find Out What We Could Do For Your Smile (video)

Many of our patients have had accidents. One woman fell and hit her tooth on something. A man bit into an olive that he didn’t realize still had a pit inside. Nathan broke a tooth while he was kneeboarding when he was still in high school. He got a cap, and ever since, he’s wanted to make sure his crown matches the rest of his smile. Our team ...

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Anxiety Can Be An Obstacle to Good Oral Health (quiz)

You know that you should go to the dentist. You know that regular dental checkups would be good for your oral health (and your overall health). But … the thought of going to the dentist makes you uneasy, nervous, and a little scared. If that seems familiar to you, then you may be dealing with dental anxiety. If so, it’s OK. Millions of ...

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Be Ready For Dental Emergencies This Summer

The last day of school will be here before you know it. We hope you and your family have plans to have a lot of fun during the summer break. And we hope you will take steps to protect your health — including your oral health — during that time. A hiking trip, bike ride, attempted skateboard trick, or a baseball game can be a lot of fun. For ...

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Efficient & Effective Restorative Dental Care (video)

Which of these things would you least like to do? Spend time at the dentist Spend time with your family Spend time with your friends We strive to treat every patient like our own family, but we understand that you probably prefer to spend more time with your loved ones and less time in a dental chair. It’s why we work hard to provide ...

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The Right Fit Will Give You a Reason to Smile

Tooth loss is an all-too-common problem. Thankfully, it’s one that can be fixed with the help of dentures. As we’ll explain, modern dentures are much better than previous teeth replacement options. Sierra Dental Care can help you get a set of comfortable, natural-looking dentures so you or someone you care about can keep smiling for many ...

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We Build Bridges to Better Smiles

Bridges are a way to get from one place to another. That’s true emotionally as well as physically. We know this because we see it often at our dental office in Modesto, CA. When someone gets a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, it takes them to a better place. They regain a sense of confidence. They feel like themselves again. Sierra Dental ...

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We Put Patients’ Needs First at Our Dentist Office (video)

What good is a family dentist office if it’s never open at a convenient time for you to make an appointment? At Sierra Dental Care, we understand that we need to be flexible to help our patients get the dental care they deserve. That’s why we are open until 9 p.m. three evenings every week. It’s also why we are open every Saturday. And since ...

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4 Good Reasons to Visit Our Dentists (infographic)

Finding a family dentist is important for your sake and for the people you care about the most. That’s why we are sharing some good reasons you should visit our general dentists if you live in or near Modesto, CA. We offer a wide range of services using advanced technology in a comfortable setting with a compassionate team of dental ...

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