The team at Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA is well aware of how stressful it is to deal with a child who is teething. Our dentists and staff are very skilled at helping you and your child make it through this phase, as many of us have had to do it ourselves as parents.

Get the guidance you need to help your child be comfortable during this hard time in their dental development. Call our Modesto, CA office today at 209-846-3961 to schedule your appointment with one of our skilled children’s dentists.

Ways to Help Your Child Stay Comfortable During the Teething Phase

  • Rub Their Gums with Your Finger – With a clean finger, gently rub your child’s gums. They might put up a fight at first, but once you get started, they will start to enjoy it. Do this for about two minutes at a time. This will help relieve the discomfort they are feeling.
  • Get a Cold Teething Ring – The cold will help to numb the area a bit, and chewing on the ring gives them additional pain relief. Although rings are easy for your child to hold onto, any type of child teething toy will help them through this painful phase.
  • Use an Age-Appropriate Pain Reliever – If you are going to use medication, check with a children’s dentist at Sierra Dental Care first. Some medications (like teething gel) contain benzocaine and could be harmful to your child. Call us at 209-846-3961 to make sure that what you are giving them won’t cause any harm.


Call Sierra Dental Care for Teething Help Today

Call Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA at 209-846-3961 to schedule your children’s dentistry appointment. You can use our online form to schedule the appointment as well. Many of us have children of our own, and we know how to help you and your child through this important phase.


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