Avelina T. on what She wants from a Dentist

Having a good doctor is a thing that I really like, because when my doctor is not good, I’m not comfortable and I don’t want to stay with the doctor. You know what I mean? But because they did a good job, and my doctor knows what he’s doing, and he’s very gentle, kind, compassionate, I think that’s what I want for a doctor. That’s why I’ve been here for so many years, and my husband too. I like their job, and their customer service are good. All the people are very nice. That’s what I want, yeah. They respect you and they take care of you. If you have a problem, they call you. They do their job well. That’s why I like coming.
Me and my husband enjoy coming here. That’s why we are regulars, you know what I mean, and I love coming to a place where you’re happy, so it really makes a little something in your heart that you are not being forced to go. Like, “I don’t want to go, because I don’t–” But if you like your doctor, you are happy to go. Everybody, I think, when you see them there, they all look good. They’re happy, because they treat the patient well. That’s what I like here. That’s why I’m thankful I found a nice place and a nice doctor. Sierra Dental are good.

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