Brian C. on Wisdom Teeth Pulled with Fear of Dentist

I enjoy coming to this practice because they make you feel very relaxed. It’s very comfortable. I’ve had problems with dentistry over the years, and meeting the doctors here and coming to this practice has made me feel very relaxed, and very comfortable.
My biggest fear in life is going to the dentist, and it took Dr. Manuel a little bit of time to warm me up to getting my wisdom tooth pulled. I finally agreed to do it. He brought me in, gave me some injections to numb my mouth. Said, “Are you ready? You’re gonna feel a little pump.” I didn’t even know he pulled the tooth. I have to tell you, the 10 years of torture and putting myself through heck, for nothing. He made it so simple, and he is such a professional.
He told me absolutely what to expect, what was gonna happen, and he exceeded the expectations. It was the best procedure I could’ve ever asked for. We’ve come a long way, and he’s helped me to realize that dentistry is good, you need this. It’s not bad, you just have to relax and let things happen.

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