Priscilla K. on her Dental Fear and having Wisdom Teeth being Removed

When I came in, I initially had Dr. Manuel check out my wisdom teeth. I have only three wisdom teeth that need to be taken out. He gave me the option. He said he could completely take them out because they were fully exposed. Since I love him so much and he’s the only dentist I’ve seen since I was 7, I said, “Sure, let’s do it.” I actually even called to ask him, “I’m pretty nervous. Are you sure we should do this?” And he said, “Yeah, I can do it.” He came in, he said, “I’m gonna numb you straight off the bat.” It’s like, “Okay, like, I can’t back out now, I’m here, he numbed me, I can’t go home.” So he numbed me and he came back in to check to make sure I was fully numbed, and he did a couple taps just to make sure I couldn’t feel anything, and I felt a little something, which obviously made me nervous because he has to pull the whole tooth out.
So he didn’t even hesitate when I asked if he could add some more numbing solution or whatever, an extra needle. It was really fast and he made me feel good after. He sent me home with all the proper care, and then he continued to call me 24 hours after and asked me how I was doing, wanted to double-check and make sure I was healing correctly, and he just made me really feel like I was a family member that he was checking up on, that I wasn’t just a patient to him. I wasn’t just his 10:30 appointment. I was a friend. I was a family member that he wanted to call and check up on.

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