Amber has been with our practice since 2015, the same year she began her career in dentistry. She graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in dental hygiene from Chabot College, where she was the class valedictorian. Amber says her favorite part about her job is creating healthy smiles. She loves working with people and showing them we care for the whole patient, not just their mouth. When not working, Amber likes to spend time with her family and her kitty.

Patient Reviews

You can have the straight smile of your dreams. Your teeth can be straighter. You could close gaps between your teeth, improve the alignment of your bite, and have a healthier mouth. At Sierra Dental Care, you can be treated ...

For a majority of people, wisdom teeth can lead to one of two scenarios. The first is the one that we hope you will avoid. Your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to erupt correctly. As a result, your teeth become impacted. ...