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Sierra Dental Care is the premier dental care provider in the Modesto, CA area. We offer you the same affordable dentistry you can find at dental care chains but with the personalized care of a private practice. We are great at what we do, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot when we say it. So, here are real patient reviews about the experience you can expect here. Read through these testimonials, and see why so many people have counted on Sierra Dental Care since 1992 for all their dentistry needs. Call our Modesto, CA office today to schedule your appointment, or use our online form to schedule your appointment instead.


I basically know most of the staff over here, they're always friendly with me. I mean, I am treated as a family member. Plus the perfect massage chair that they have, so. Well, it's always very personalized. I mean, it's not just about business, they're making money but it's about how I get treated and how I feel, how comfortable I am. So yeah, I mean he's always there asking me if I'm okay, if I'm in pain raise my hand, if I need to take a break, you know. So, yeah. Well, ...

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I broke a tooth when I was kneeboarding one time when I was in high school. So I had a cap put on my front tooth. That's been one of my major concerns, like any time I go for a checkup or something. But I always get recommendations on the coloring of my teeth, to make sure that the cap matches the natural color of my teeth. I guess the quality of the previous cap could have lasted my whole life, or maybe wouldn't. But I wanted to upgrade to a better material. So they let me ...

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I had lost a tooth due to decay. It had happened over a long period of time where eventually failed that I had done probably in my youth. Then the tooth failed and needed to be removed, and then the implant was done. It was staged where first the tooth was extracted, and then a bone graft was done. Then we had to wait a certain period of time. I think it was nine months. Then the implant was put in, which is a post with a screw on the top. Then once that was allowed to ...

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My teeth when I first started, I moved here to Northern California five years ago, were horrible. I just never thought that my teeth would look like this. When I walked into my office just the other day, and everybody seen me with no braces, they were like, "Wow." They knew my teeth would be straight, but not this straight and not with this outcome. I mean, they're much better than I ever thought they would be. My husband does not stop telling me, "Maria, your teeth are ...

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