Remove Painful Dental Infection With Modesto, CA Root Canals

At Sierra Dental Care, most people find the reality of root canals much more comfortable than they expected. You’ll be numb when the procedure starts, so you won’t feel a thing. Once it’s over, you’ll feel much better too.

During a root canal procedure, our Modesto, CA dentists will:

  • Save a tooth that might otherwise be lost to infection.
  • Get you out of pain.
  • Protect your tooth with a dental restoration following the procedure, to keep it intact.
  • Preserve your overall oral health by preventing the infection from spreading.

Got a toothache and think you might need root canal therapy? Call Sierra Dental Care at (209) 575-2400.

Get Your Root Canal Procedure From Experienced Dentists

Dr. King at Sierra Dental Care believes in the quality of his Dental care above all else
A root canal procedure is more complex than some other dental treatments. You’ll feel better if you get your procedure from an experienced dentist. That’s not an issue at Sierra Dental Care. Our doctors completed general dentistry residencies after earning their DDS degrees. During these residencies, they performed a full range of procedures, including root canal therapy. For example, Dr. Marinello Manuel spent more than two years of postgraduate study in oral surgery, anesthesia, and oral pathology.

Stay Comfortable During Root Canal Therapy

You may or may not be in pain before a root canal procedure. Sometimes a nerve is damaged to the point where you don’t feel discomfort. Whether or not you’re in pain, we want you to remain comfortable throughout the root canal process. We’ll thoroughly numb your mouth with local anesthesia before your procedure begins. You can get inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) to ease any anxiety you may be feeling.

In addition, our dentists will explain everything that will happen during the procedure so you know what to expect. No unpleasant surprises!

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

If you are experiencing dental pain, then you may need a root canal performed. There are many reasons for tooth pain. However, if your tooth pain is recurrent or persistent, then you should consult with our dental professionals and have them diagnose the problem for you.

The signs that you may need a root canal include pain in the tooth that won’t go away, especially when taking over the counter pain relief. If you have swollen gums, a bump on the gums, or signs of an infection, then you need to call us. Having a gum infection is serious and can spread throughout your body. If left untreated, then you may have to spend time in the hospital.

The other symptoms of needing a root canal are problems or pain when chewing, darkening of the tooth enamel, and extreme sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks. Ignoring these dental issues won’t make the problem go away. Our dentists are here to help treat your pain and restore your oral health. A root canal will remove the infected pulp and help save your damaged tooth.

Sierra Dental Care Dr King

For more information on root canals in Modesto, CA, call (209) 575-2400.

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