Preparing For Oral Surgery

At Sierra Dental Care, we’ve been helping patients in Modesto, CA restore their smiles, find relief from pain, and protect their teeth with oral surgery. No matter how difficult you think your case may be, we’re ready to take on the challenge! It’s normal to feel nervous before any procedure, especially surgery. We’ve offered some tips to help ...

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You Have Options To Straighten Your Teeth

Orthodontic care has improved since we were children. At the same time, its purpose remains the same — to straighten teeth. It also has become more common for adults to undergo orthodontic treatment in recent years. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, 20 percent — 1 in 5 patients — who get braces or another orthodontic service ...

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Tooth Decay Does Not Have To Take Your Smile (video)

Tooth decay will affect more than 90 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. For Michael, that decay eventually led to a lost tooth. Following a bone graft, he was able to get a dental implant and a dental crown to replace his missing tooth and restore its full function. “It feels like a natural tooth. It’s marvelous,” Michael says in ...

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Surviving Your Child’s First Dental Visit (infographic)

As a parent, you know all-too-well how easy it is to worry about everything, both big and small. Given how important oral hygiene is, at Sierra Dental Care, we want to help make it easier to stay on top of your family’s dental care. For families with young children, we want you to know that your entire family is welcome. We would be thrilled to see ...

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Get A Brighter, Whiter Smile With Teeth Whitening

Are your stained, discolored teeth causing you embarrassment? You shouldn’t have to hide your smile just because of the color of your teeth. If your teeth aren’t as white and bright as you want them to be, it’s time you consider teeth whitening. For patients in Modesto, CA, our team at Sierra Dental Care can help walk you through your options so ...

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A Dentist Who’s Always Looking To Learn More (video)

When trying to find a dentist, you want to make sure they’re truly passionate about what they do. If your dentist goes above and beyond his or her required continuing education courses, that’s a good sign! You can rest assured your dentist is passionate about staying on top of the latest procedures, techniques, and technology, to provide you with ...

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Five Tips About Your Children’s Oral Health

Family dentistry is the foundation of our practice at Sierra Dental Care, and we consider children’s dentistry one of the most important parts of our practice. Whether you already have kids or you are planning on having children, we have put together some oral health tips to help you keep your family’s smiles healthy. That includes scheduling ...

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Call Us Any Time For Help During A Dental Emergency (video)

If you look at our contact page, you will see that our dentist office in Modesto, CA, is open in the evening four days a week and is open on Saturdays. Even so, dental emergencies can and do occur when we aren’t at our office. This is why we have a 24-hour answering service so you can get assistance. This will help you know what to do before you see ...

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Three Reasons To Replace A Missing Tooth

Lost teeth are more common than many people realize. Accidents and injuries can cause teeth to get knocked out. Severe tooth decay and infections may require teeth to be removed, and gum disease is actually leading cause of lost teeth in the United States. A single missing tooth can easily lead to more problems IF you don’t replace that tooth. The ...

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We Can Help You Manage Your Dental Anxiety

If you don’t like visiting the dentist, then you have a lot of company. Some experts have estimated that as many as 140 million American experience dental anxiety to one degree or another. As many as 1 in 5 Americans avoid dental care because of this anxiety. If this reminds you of yourself or someone your love, our team at Sierra Dental Care wants ...

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