You Can Manage Your Dental Anxiety, We Can Help [video]

As many as 1 in 5 people has trouble receiving dental care due to dental anxiety or fear. Our team at Sierra Dental Care understands, and we are confident that we can help you learn to manage your anxiety. In addition to the compassionate staff at our dentist office in Modesto, CA, we also offer sedation dentistry for our patients. Dr. Marinello Manuel ...

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How To Bring Back Your Pearly Whites [infographic]

In modern dentistry, teeth whitening is easily one of the most popular cosmetic services. We have seen how professional teeth whitening can transform stained teeth back into pearly whites at our dentist office in Modesto, CA. More importantly, we have seen want that has done for our patients' self-confidence. If you want to see what our teeth ...

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Take Some Time To Think About Dentures

We hope that you keep all your teeth for your entire life, but we encourage you to take a moment to think about what you would do if you lost an entire row of teeth. Would you try to live without them? Would you get dentures? Should you get implant-supported dentures instead? Today we want to discuss your different options in case you ever need to ...

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Orthodontic Care Can Give You A More Confident Smile [video]

We love seeing our patients smile, especially patients like Leila, who received orthodontic care at our dentist office in Modesto, CA. As you will hear in the video below, Leila had her teeth straightened two times. She said it has helped her feel more confident about her smile in her everyday life. To find out if braces or Invisalign® could work for ...

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Are You Ready For A Dental Emergency? [quiz]

Broken teeth, knocked out teeth, infected teeth, and cracked teeth are all examples of dental emergencies. They can happen to anyone at anytime. If you or someone you love ever needs emergency dental care, we want you to call us at 209-846-3961. In fact, we would recommend that you save our dentist office's number in your phone if you live in or near ...

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Get An Oral Cancer Screening During Your Dental Cleaning

Patients who visit our dentist office in Modesto, CA, appreciate the personal care provided by our staff. This affects everything we do at our office. When you come to Sierra Dental Care for a routine cleaning, we don't want you to feel like you are just another number. You have the attention of everyone who works with you. It's because we want all ...

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Dental Care For ‘One Patient At A Time’ [video]

Can you imagine going to a general dentist office where the staff hurried to get through your appointment to get to the next patient (who would probably be treated the same way)? Would you take your family back to that dentist office? We didn't think so. It's also why we take great pride in providing personal, attentive dental care to every patient at ...

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Six Reasons To Get A Dental Crown

Something is different about your smile, but not in a good way. Do you have a broken tooth? Is one of your teeth dark or discolored? Do you have a missing tooth or a tooth that should be removed? All of these could be reasons to get a dental crown. To find out if you could use one, call 209-846-3961 or fill out our online form to request an ...

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Learning The Truth About Root Canal Treatments [quiz]

What do you know about root canals? Unfortunately, misperceptions about root canal treatments persist online. That's also why many reasons that people worried about root canals decades ago don't really apply in modern dentistry. If you develop an infected tooth, we want you to contact our dentist office in Modesto, CA, as soon as possible. A root ...

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Missing A Tooth? Replace It With Restorative Dentistry [video]

You may be able to relate to Michael's story. He had some tooth decay that weakened a tooth, which eventually had to be removed. Rather than live with a gap in his smile, he came to our Modesto, CA, dentist office. Our team helped him get a dental implant and a dental crown to replace his missing tooth. You can hear Michael how he feels about his ...

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