Dental Implants: The Gold Medalists Of Dentistry [BLOG]

  At Sierra Dental Care, we pride ourselves on continuing our training, education, and investment in the latest technology so you get the best in modern dental treatment. One of the ways you see the direct impact of that commitment is with our variety of tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, which lead to tooth loss solutions ...

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Surprising Ways Your Life Affects Your Oral Health [BLOG]

We love seeing you at Sierra Dental Care for routine cleanings and exams. Getting to know you is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do here in Modesto, CA! After all, we care about keeping your smile healthy as much as you do! That’s why, with World Oral Health Day coming up on March 20, we thought it was a great time to devote the blog to ...

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Teething Tips For Soothing Your Baby’s Gums [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trying to soothe a teething baby can be a very stressful experience. You can try all sorts of methods to make your child feel more comfortable, but you probably often end up feeling completely defeated. We’re here to support you! Our team at Sierra Dental Care are great with children and have several solutions for soothing your teething baby. ...

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Come Back To The Dentist With Help From Sedation [BLOG]

  Our team at Sierra Dental Care wants to encourage you to come back to the dentist with the help of sedation dentistry so you can have a new, healthy smile you deserve! Here are just a few ways that sedation dentistry can give you the courage get your oral health back on track. *It Could Actually Save You Time In The Chair* Often, it’s not ...

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Hear About Our Efficient, Polite Dental Staff! [VIDEO]

At Sierra Dental Care, we know our practice is only as good as its staff. That’s why we’re proud of our efficient, polite team here in Modesto, CA. No matter what kind of dental treatment you need, our highly-trained, caring professionals have what it takes to keep you smiling! Hear what Dr. Gerodias has to say about why he feels confident ...

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Caring For Little Smiles At Sierra Dental Care

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time when the American Dental Association does a little extra to educate kids and parents alike about the importance of working toward great oral health early in life. This, of course, includes properly brushing and flossing little smiles, but it also requires routine visits to the dentist. At Sierra ...

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A Straighter Smile, A More Confident You (video)

When your teeth look great, you feel great. And one of the best things you can do to enhance your smile is to correct misalignment issues with orthodontic treatment! You’ll feel confident with the care you receive from Dr. Takenaga, who has decades of experience providing braces and has a Master of Science in Specialized Orthodontics from Loyola ...

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5 Common Signs Of Gum Disease

Think for a moment of an avalanche. It might start out slowly. Some snow, previously packed tightly, may buckle under the weight of snowfall accumulation, and small amounts start tumbling down the mountain. But in a short period of time, the falling snow accelerates and grows in volume — causing a serious problem for anything in its path. Gum disease ...

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Celebrate Your Smile This Valentine’s Day (infographic)

Your smile is something you carry with you throughout life. It helps you make great first impressions, and it’s your way of letting the world know when you’re feeling truly happy. So, why not celebrate your smile this Valentine’s Day? Take a look at this infographic to learn about five ways you can show your smile some love this Feb. 14. Then, come ...

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Quit Smoking & Save Your Smile

Smoking has quite the negative impact on your smile and your oral health. In fact, after years of smoking, your smile is practically ruined. Fortunately, it’s never too late to quit. At Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA, we have the resources necessary to not only help you quit but to make the process easier for you. How Smoking & Tobacco Impact ...

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