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Explore all your orthodontic treatment options, including Invisalign, with one of the most credentialed orthodontists in the Valley. Every smile is different. The right orthodontics for one might not work well for another. To make sure you can get the best orthodontic treatment for your smile, our Modesto, CA orthodontist is board-certified and offer both traditional braces in metal, clear or colored, or Invisalign.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Skilled orthodontist – Your smile is in good hands with our highly trained board-certified orthodontist.
  • Comfort amenities – Cone beam 3D imaging at no cost (a $350 value), Lar scanning to improve better outcomes and video presentations to enhance patient knowledge.
  • Flexible payment options – We accept almost all dental insurances and specialty medical lending sources, such as Greensky and CareCredit. We also have in-house payment options, including our No Copayment Now Program that allows you to finance your out-of-pocket costs without interest. Qualifying Ortho Patients can begin their Ortho Care with $0 down and payments as low as $69 per month.

To schedule a free orthodontic treatment consultation, call Sierra Dental Care at (209) 575-2400. We will examine you and determine whether Invisalign or metal braces are the best fit for your smile.

Trust A Board-Certified Orthodontist

Only trust the best when receiving orthodontic treatment care. Trust a board-certified orthodontist. Out of all dentists, only 5% have completed additional training to become orthodontists. Only 1% of all dentists go on to become board-certified orthodontists. This means that they have committed themselves to the highest level of care and quality. These doctors have completed hundreds of hours of clinical work and a strenuous board certification exam. They must renew this certification every 10 years.

Our own board-certified orthodontist is Dr. Cameron Wheeler, who has been voted the Best Orthodontist by readers of San Joaquin Magazine for eight years in a row!

There is a true science to orthodontics. Orthodontists must have a deep understanding of all of the parts of your facial structure. They must understand how the parts of your face grow and work together to form a functioning jaw and healthy bite. A general dentist may offer orthodontic services, but they do not have the years of study (in a highly competitive field) and experience that an orthodontist has.

Find the right person to care for your smile. Trust the doctor who knows exactly how to correct your teeth in a safe and effective way. Trust Sierra Dental Care and our incredible team.

Your First Orthodontic Appointment Includes a Thorough Assessment

During your first orthodontic appointment, we will go over the current state of your smile. Your first consultation is on us. Expect your examination to include the use of Cone Beam 3-D X-rays at no cost (normal outside cost is $350). You will leave this consultation knowing all the options available to you, their benefits, and costs. After this assessment, we’ll go over your orthodontics goals and options. For younger patients, this often means traditional metal braces.

Get Invisalign & Straighten Your Smile Without Metal Wires

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners, no metal wires, and brackets, to straighten and have proper positioning of your teeth. Because the aligners are practically invisible, many people won’t even realize you’re getting orthodontic treatment! That’s a big benefit, but it’s not the only one.

Your Invisalign aligners are also:

  • Comfortable – They’re made of smooth, BPA-free plastic. There’s no metal to irritate your cheeks or gums.
  • Fast – Invisalign corrects your smile fast. In most cases, you can complete treatment in 12 months or less.

Metal Braces May Be the Right Choice for Your Smile

As great as Invisalign is, it’s not for all smiles. For younger patients and more complicated orthodontics issues, metal braces are often still best. Their advantages include:

  • Correcting a wider range of problems, including complex orthodontics issues.
  • It can be used on younger children.
  • Since they can’t be removed, maybe a better choice for those who won’t wear aligners the recommended 20-22 hours a day.

In addition, traditional metal braces no longer have to be metallic silver. Ask us about less conspicuous orthodontics options that use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. Or make a style statement with colored braces.

To find out more about how our Modesto, CA orthodontist can help you, call (209) 575-2400 or use our convenient online form.

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