Braces for Teeth in Modesto

Dental braces work by straightening your misaligned teeth and securing them in place. During the procedure, the metal brackets are infused on teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. If you suffer from teeth alignment issues, then you may be a candidate for braces and should speak with a Board Certified Orthodontist.

A majority of people often get braces during their teen years. However, Board Certified Orthodontists recommend considering getting an Invisalign treatment, transparent aligners, or temporary aligners if you’re an adult, This helps prevent any awkwardness that may arise with traditional wire braces. Once the braces are removed, the effects are essentially permanent, and you don’t have to worry about crooked teeth anymore.

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Types of Braces

Dental braces come in various types, which offer a myriad of benefits such as comfort, teeth alignment, and aesthetics. However, your condition can determine the type of braces most suitable for you. With that in mind, let’s discuss the common types of dental braces your dentist might recommend.

Traditional Metal, Colored, and Cleared Braces

Your typical everyday braces, the traditional set, have stainless steel metal wires that firmly attach onto the surface of the teeth. Due to the stainless steel composition, these braces do not rust or stain.

Furthermore, innovations on the traditional braces feature heat-activated archwires. These archwires respond to the body heat in the mouth, which moves the teeth, allowing the alignment procedure to speed up with less discomfort.

Lingual Braces

Like traditional braces, this variant is constructed from metal, but they are attached behind or inside the teeth so that they are out of sight. Aside from giving you the discretion of wearing braces, they help adjust your teeth alignment but take longer than regular braces. More so, they can prove uncomfortable when you flick your tongue against the braces.


Invisalign is a dental alternative to metal braces that utilizes transparent plastic aligners. Furthermore, the aligners come constructed to fit the whole sections of the lower and upper teeth. They are removable, easy to maintain, and an alternative for adults working in the corporate sector who want to achieve excellent dental results without the typical look of traditional braces.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are constructed of ceramic material that blends with your natural teeth. This makes it tougher to notice and makes wearing braces less noticeable. Furthermore, ceramic braces achieve the same effect as traditional braces but are susceptible to stain if not properly maintained.

Benefits of Braces

Wearing braces can inflict some pressure on the teeth. At first, it may be uncomfortable; however, after some time, you will begin to grow accustomed to it. Furthermore, thanks to the pressure exerted, you can experience the following benefits.

  • Neatly aligned and straight teeth
  • Improved ability to chew
  • Better speech and pronunciation
  • Zero risks of injury by protruding teeth
  • Brushing and flossing teeth become easier
  • Reduced chances of tooth decay and chipping

What Is a Good Age to Get Braces?

The best time to consider dental braces for your children is when they are seven years and above. At this age, a majority of their baby teeth are long gone, and their permanent or adult teeth are in full development.

Why Shouldn’t Patients Sign up for an Online Orthodontist?

An online orthodontic treatment is an act of having your dental braces shipped to your address, allowing you to handle the procedure yourself. While this may sound convenient, signing up for an online orthodontist will only increase the likelihood of disaster as everything is carried out digitally in the absence of a board-certified orthodontist. Not only could you receive an incorrect fitting or faulty mold, but you could also suffer from long-term complications detrimental to your oral health.

Why Is It Important to Visit a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

A board-certified dentist or orthodontist is a highly trained specialist with an American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) certification. The oral expert is licensed to carry out the dental procedures with the utmost efficiency.

Here at Sierra Dental Care, you can expect guaranteed results with our board-certified orthodontics. Feel free to schedule an appointment for all your dental needs and inquiries.

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