Anxiety Can Be An Obstacle to Good Oral Health (quiz)

You know that you should go to the dentist.
You know that regular dental checkups would be good for your oral health (and your overall health).
But … the thought of going to the dentist makes you uneasy, nervous, and a little scared.
If that seems familiar to you, then you may be dealing with dental anxiety. If so, it’s OK. Millions of Americans struggle with this kind of anxiety.
Our team at Sierra Dental Care has been helping anxious, nervous, and fearful for patients for many years. We also help people overcome those anxieties one step at a time. By listening to your specific concerns and taking steps to address them, our team provides compassionate care. For some patients, we may recommend laughing gas or anti-anxiety medication to help you get through your appointment.
Below, we have put together a short assessment to help you gauge the level of your dental anxiety. When you are finished, we encourage you to talk to someone at our dentist office in Modesto, CA to find out how we can make dental care easier for you. Call 209-846-3961 or contact us online.

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