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Our team at Sierra Dental Care wants to encourage you to come back to the dentist with the help of sedation dentistry so you can have a new, healthy smile you deserve!
Here are just a few ways that sedation dentistry can give you the courage get your oral health back on track.

*It Could Actually Save You Time In The Chair*

Often, it’s not the best strategy to perform certain procedures together in one appointment. But that’s not necessarily because combining treatments can’t be done.
Rather, it’s because many patients don’t want to spend a minute longer in the dental chair than they have to. Having your mouth open wide for longer dental procedures can be a lot to take for many patients. But if you’re relaxed with sedation, it makes multiple treatments in one visit easier to endure, which would save you time in appointments in the long run.

*It Prevents Sensitive Gag Reflex*

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, it’s understandable why you would dread coming to the dentist. Not only would certain tools in your mouth make you feel uncomfortable, but it could also drag out treatment and put quite a negative spin on your dental experience.
With sedation, however, you become relaxed and your mouth and jaw muscles aren’t so tensed, which eases that possible gag reflex sensitivity.

*It Helps You Relax*

Sometimes, avoiding the dentist is fueled by real discomfort with sitting still.
If you’re a parent, a professional, or a busy person in general, the thought of sitting through dental treatment can make you anxious.
Talk to us about how we can help you relax just long enough to get the treatment you need!

*It Eases Tooth Sensitivity*

Maybe it’s not actual pain you fear. Maybe it’s not even pain that you’re all that sensitive to. Perhaps it’s a tooth sensitivity that makes it hard for you to relax at the dentist office.
Just hearing some of the tools being used can send chills down your spine and ignite discomfort.
Sedation puts you in a complete state of relaxation so you’re not bothered by sensitivity.

*Let Sedation Ease You Back Into The Dental Chair*

One highly effective way to calm your nerves and take some of the edge off during your dental treatment is with laughing gas.
It’s safe for nearly all ages and wears off immediately so you avoid the troublesome arrangements for getting to and from your appointment.
You can endure any length or type of treatment and not even realize it happened once it’s complete. Talk about easing your fears of dental procedures!

Come Back To The Dentist!

On March 20, people all across the globe will celebrate World Oral Health Day.
What better time to make a great decision for your own health by scheduling your first appointment back to the dentist?
There are so many ways to overcome your dental fears in a comfortable, modern practice like ours in Modesto, CA. Our team is here to help soothe your anxiety so you can get the dental treatment you need and build your confidence for a lifetime of good oral health.
To learn more about how we can ease your dental anxiety, or to request an appointment at Sierra Dental Care, call us today at (209) 575-2400 or contact us online.

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