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Summer is just around the corner. That means lots of sunshine. That means more time spent with family and friends. That means weddings and vacations.
And all of it adds up to lots of reasons that your picture could be posted to social media.
As you are picking out your summer outfit for a cookout, a day at the beach or in the pool, or a night on the town, don’t forget your smile. It’s the one thing that will stay the same no matter what you are wearing or how you style your hair.
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Our professional teeth whitening and dental veneers are two quick ways cosmetic dentistry can change your smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s normal for teeth to become stained as people get older. After all, every day means more meals and more snacks. It also may mean more coffee, tea, or wine, depending on your personal preferences.
All of these things leave can add to the stains on your teeth. You probably won’t notice the difference on a day-to-day basis. But they do add up over time.
This also could explain why teeth whitening may be the single most popular cosmetic dental service in the United States.
If you need evidence of this, just walk down the nearest toothpaste aisle. Try to count how many self-proclaimed “whitening” products are on the shelves — whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening pens, whitening gels.
Some of these products work better than others, but we also know that none of them work as well as our professional teeth whitening at Sierra Dental Care.
From a professional standpoint, we know that professional whitening products contain higher concentrations of bleaching agents than commercial products. This is what allows professional whitening to remove deep stains from our patients’ teeth.
We also know this on a personal level. We’ve heard from several patients who tried the toothpaste, the gel, the strips, or more than one of them only to feel disappointed with the results. By the time many patients ask us about teeth whitening, they are frustrated with the other products they have tried.
We would rather save you from that frustration and give you results you that you can see.
With just one of our in-office treatments, your teeth could be several shades whiter.
Most people would agree that white teeth look nicer, but you may not realize they can have emotional benefits as well. When you feel better about your smile, you may feel more confident, too.

Dental Veneers

Teeth whitening may be the fastest way to change the appearance of your smile. Unfortunately, it won’t work for all patients.
Stains aren’t the only reason teeth can become discolored. You may have had an illness or an injury that changed the color of your smile. You may have taken medication that caused your teeth to change colors.
You also may have worn-down enamel. If so, more of the dentin (the softer and yellower layer of below the enamel) may begin showing through.
Teeth whitening won’t be nearly as effective on those issues.
But dental veneers can be.
Unlike whitening, veneers don’t remove the discoloration. They hide it. As long as your teeth are healthy, dental veneers can be an effective way of improving the appearance of your smile.
Dental veneers are custom-made for each patient so they can be bonded to the front of your teeth, and veneers can be shaded to be as white and bright as you want them to be.
Veneers also may be a better solution when you need to change the color of one or two teeth, although you can get a set of veneers to transform your entire smile.
You may not be able to get veneers in a single visit to our office, but in a matter of just a few weeks, you can have a completely different smile.
Veneers have another advantage over whitening as well. Veneers can fix chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and misshapen teeth, too.

Are You Ready For Your Next ‘Selfie’?

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Find out if professional teeth whitening or dental veneers are right for you.

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