Eat Your Way to a Great Smile: 5 Foods That Improve Your Dental Health

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Sierra Dental Care has everything you need to have a healthy smile. We offer dental cleanings and dental exams, gum disease treatment, and a number of other treatments to take care of any oral health issues you have. Call our Modesto, CA office today at (209) 575-2400 to get on your way to a healthier smile. We offer convenient hours so you won’t miss work and your kids won’t miss school.
While we have the resources to solve your dental health problems, we would much rather help you avoid them altogether. One way we can do that is to tell you what foods can improve your teeth. A few small adjustments to your diet could make a huge difference in both the health and appearance of your teeth. Let Sierra Dental Care let you in on five diet secrets that can unlock your better smile.  
5 Foods That Help Your Dental Health
Nutritional counseling from Sierra Dental Care is a great resource to find out what you should and should not be eating for your oral health. Here are some foods that are sure to help you get and keep a healthy smile.
#1 – Cheese
Sierra Dental Care recommends eating cheese to help you have healthy teeth. Not only is cheese delicious (we are fans of cheese), but it also helps your teeth in several ways. As a dairy product, cheese contains calcium and is packed with protein to help build up your dental enamel. The stronger your dental enamel, the less vulnerable your teeth are to tooth decay.
Some studies suggest that the way you are forced to chew cheese helps stimulate saliva production. Saliva washes sugars from the surface of your teeth and keeps the bacteria in your mouth from feeding and multiplying. Dental cleanings from Sierra Dental Care will do the rest of the cleaning your smile needs.
#2 – Yogurt
As another dairy product, yogurt also provides calcium and protein. These are the building blocks of your teeth and are crucial to keeping a healthy smile for years to come. One special thing about yogurt is that it contains healthy bacteria, called probiotics. These bacteria aid you in the healthy digestion of food, but that actually has nothing to do with your teeth. What does have something to do with your teeth is how these probiotics knock out the bad bacteria in your mouth to keep your teeth and gums safe.
#3 – Apples  
We have all heard the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the dentist away.” This is not totally true. Nothing you eat will ever eliminate your need for dental cleanings and exams from Sierra Dental Care. What apples will do is make those visits a little easier for you. Apples are kind of like nature’s toothbrush. The texture of the fruit coupled with the fibrous skin on the apple help clean plaque and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and your gumline with every bite. These are great for keeping your teeth clean in between your morning and evening brushings.
#4 – Celery
Celery is another food that acts like a toothbrush for your teeth. The fibrous nature of the veggie scrapes debris from your teeth and will help you have a clean, healthy smile throughout the day. They are also packed with vitamin A and vitamin C. Both of these benefit the health of your gums, which are the foundation for any great-looking smile.
#5 – Almonds  
Not a fan of dairy products? Need variety? Almonds are a great way for you to get that boost of protein and calcium for your smile. Almonds also have the added benefit of being low in sugar, so you won’t have to worry about the excess sugars feeding any bad bacteria in your mouth. So, grab yourself some almonds and start eating for the health of your teeth today.
Take Care of Your Smile at Sierra Dental Care
Call Sierra Dental Care at 209-846-3961 to schedule your dental cleaning and dental exam today. Your smile is the only one you have. Take steps to protect it by eating these different foods to help you and your smile.

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