Find Out What We Could Do For Your Smile (video)

Many of our patients have had accidents. One woman fell and hit her tooth on something. A man bit into an olive that he didn’t realize still had a pit inside.
Nathan broke a tooth while he was kneeboarding when he was still in high school. He got a cap, and ever since, he’s wanted to make sure his crown matches the rest of his smile. Our team in Modesto, CA helped him upgrade to a newer, nicer crown when he wanted one, too.
Could you use a new dental crown like Nathan? Do you need a dental cleaning? Dental veneers? How can we help you?
We solve all these problems and many more at Sierra Dental Care. To find out more, start by calling (209) 575-2400 or contacting us online to request an appointment.

Patient Reviews

You can have the straight smile of your dreams. Your teeth can be straighter. You could close gaps between your teeth, improve the alignment of your bite, and have a healthier mouth. At Sierra Dental Care, you can be treated ...

For a majority of people, wisdom teeth can lead to one of two scenarios. The first is the one that we hope you will avoid. Your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to erupt correctly. As a result, your teeth become impacted. ...