How To Lose A Tooth In Five Easy Steps

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As dentists, our goal is to help you have the healthiest mouth that you can.
We encourage you to practice good preventive care. That includes brushing your teeth (twice a day), flossing (daily), and visiting our dentist office in Modesto, CA, for professional dental cleanings and exams (twice a year).
With that in mind, we are taking a slightly different approach today. We will be describing “steps” you can take can lead to tooth loss.
We would prefer to see you visit Sierra Dental Care for treatment long before you tooth (or teeth) are at risk. If you haven’t scheduled your next dental appointment yet, today would be a great day to request an appointment with our online form or to call (209) 575-2400.

Step 1: Don’t Brush Or Floss

Brushing and flossing your teeth removes bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If you make the effort to clean them daily, you are less likely to develop plaque, which can harden into tartar.
That also means you will be less likely to have cavities or infected gums. As a result, you may keep all your teeth for a long, long time.

Step 2: Don’t Go To The Dentist

The American Dental Association recommends making regular visits to your dentist’s office. During these visits, dental professionals will be doing a few things that could just save your tooth.
At Sierra Dental Care, we will be examining your mouth for any signs of cavities or gum disease. We do this because early detection makes it easier to treat both of these conditions. Something as simple as a dental filling or scaling and root planing may be enough to stop the problem before it gets worse.

Step 3: Ignore The Warning Signs

Tooth decay and gum disease usually both take time to develop. If you are paying attention to your mouth, you may notice the signs that something is wrong.
With tooth decay, you may notice that a tooth looks yellower or darker than usual. You also may notice that a small hole is forming in one of your teeth. If you see this and make an appointment, we can usually take care of it with a filling or a dental crown, depending on one how large your cavity has grown.
The symptoms of early gum disease can be easy to spot, too, if you know what to look for. Healthy gums are pink and firm. If you are developing gingivitis, your gums may look redder than usual or appear swollen. Another clue is when your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth.
At this stage, gum disease can be treated relatively easily and reversed, but only if you take action to deal with it.

Step 4: Ignore The Pain

As your tooth decay or gum disease gets worse, things may start to hurt.
Your tooth may become more sensitive to the foods you eat and drink. It may be painful to bite or chew with the infected tooth. You might even have a toothache that doesn’t go away.
Even so, it still may be possible to save your tooth with a root canal procedure.
In the latter stages of gum disease, your gums may feel sore and tender. As your gums recede, tartar can build on the roots of your teeth. Plus bacteria may attack the bone holding your teeth in place. Your teeth could even start to feel loose.

Step 5: Let The Tooth Fall Out

If you haven’t been to the dentist by this point, you are likely to lose at least one of your teeth to severe tooth decay or advanced gum disease. This can make it more difficult to eat many foods, and it can have a noticeable effect on your smile.
If you still choose to do nothing about this problem, you could lose even more teeth in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Don’t Lose Your Smile

Our dentists in Modesto, CA, want your smile intact. We also hope you will take action early to keep your teeth in your mouth where they belong.
That means following the ADA guidelines about brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. That also means paying attention to any changes taking place in your mouth.
You can call us (209) 575-2400 or contact us online if you have questions about what is happening. We can advise you on what to do to keep your teeth from falling out.
Just remember, Sierra Dental Care will do everything we can to help.

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