When to Remove a Tooth

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We hope that you never need oral surgery. Even so, our oral surgeons and dentists in Modesto, CA, are prepared to help when needed.
One of the most common reasons for oral surgery is tooth removal. A vast majority of the time, we will recommend another procedure if there is any way to save all or part of a tooth.
Yet, there are times when tooth removal is the best option for you and your oral health.
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We want your mouth to be as healthy as it can be … even if that means you have to lose a few teeth along the way.

Why Teeth Are Removed

As dentists, we are in the business of helping people maintain their oral health. In general, that means keeping as many teeth as you can for as long as possible.
While we hate to do it, there are times when tooth removal isn’t recommended. Rather, it’s required if you don’t want your oral health to get worse.
Here are a few examples of those times:
➤ You have a broken tooth.
To be clear, many broken teeth can be repaired, often with a dental crown. If we can save your tooth this way, then that is what we will recommend.
But some breaks are worse than others. These kinds of breaks can occur from biting into something hard or as a result of a traumatic injury.
If your break is deep, it can create cracks that make it impossible to restore your tooth. In those instances, you and your smile will be better served by removing and replacing the tooth.
We mention replacement because that is equally important for your oral health. Filling in the gap preserves the appearance of your smile, restores the function of your missing tooth, and can help protect your remaining healthy teeth.
➤ You need to make room in your mouth
Crowding can affect your ability to clean your teeth correctly. Crowding also can affect how your teeth erupt.
If you are preparing to undergo orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to remove a tooth or two before your treatment begins. The point of orthodontic care and oral surgery is to move your teeth into better alignment.
This is good for your oral health since the teeth can be cleaned more effectively. It’s also good for the appearance of your smile.
If your mouth is small, removing teeth can make your orthodontic care more efficient.
➤ You have severe tooth decay.
If you don’t care for your teeth correctly, tooth decay can lead to cavities, which can lead to an infected tooth. If you seek help in time a root canal can save the tooth in question.
If you don’t, then that tooth will need to come out. A tooth with severe decay is filled with harmful bacteria that can easily spread to other parts of your mouth and damage more teeth.
Most of the time you can prevent your teeth from getting in this kind of shape. With routine dental check-ups, we can spot these kinds of problems early. That could mean the difference between having a dental filling or losing a tooth.
➤ You have impacted teeth.
This can be related to having a crowded mouth. If your teeth can’t erupt completely, they are considered impacted.
Fully impacted teeth remain below the gumline, while partially impacted teeth break the surface of the gums but don’t erupt completely. This often happens with wisdom teeth.
Impacted teeth can increase your risk for a variety of oral health issues including gum disease and tooth decay. Getting rid of these teeth may be in your best interest.
➤ You are preparing to get dentures.
As with someone who is considering orthodontics, teeth can be in the way if you are getting dentures. In the case of someone preparing to get dentures, these may be one or two teeth that have not yet fallen out. This also could mean a series of teeth that are so unhealthy that removing them and getting teeth replacements like dentures is a better alternative.
If this is where you are, we can discuss the different options for your dentures at our dentist’s office in Modesto, CA.

Visit Us Regularly If You Want To Keep More Of Your Teeth

Preventive dental care is the best way to avoid tooth extraction surgery. With regular dental exams, we can find problems early, and in many cases, you can get treated before tooth removal is needed.
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