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The holidays become all the more delightful when you have a new baby in the family. It’s such a special time to watch them smile, giggle, and coo in response to the magical wonders of Christmas.
But if your silent nights are anything but, you may have a teething baby on your hands! Our team at Sierra Dental Care hopes that with today’s blog and our caring staff in Modesto, CA to help you, you can soothe your baby’s gum discomfort for a more peaceful holiday season.

A Teething Baby Can Spoil Your Silent Nights!

We’ve helped enough struggling new parents over the years to be familiar with the stress and strain a fussy, teething baby can put on a family. This is especially true during the already hectic holiday season.
You might already know for sure that your baby’s crankiness can be attributed to teething, but here are some common signs of it if you want to know for sure:
-Disturbances In Sleep Pattern
-General Crankiness
-Change In Appetite
-Excess Drooling
-Sore, Irritated Gums
-Increased Chewing & Biting
If your baby is showing the signs of teething, and making you frustrated and tired as a result, help isn’t far to find. At Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA, we can help give you the tools to ease your baby’s pain and discomfort during this challenging phase of development.
There are also some ways you can help soothe your teething baby at home!

Time For A Cool Down

One of the most popular forms of relief for teething babies can be found in your own freezer! There’s something about the cold chewiness of frozen, baby-safe items that offers the strongest soothing power you can get.
The items you use will ultimately depend on your baby’s age and preference. You can try freezing a soft cloth, or if your baby is ready for it, an assortment of their favorite foods. A frozen block of sweet potato or applesauce can be a tasty way to cool and numb your baby’s aching gums.

Other Popular, Effective Gum-Soothing Strategies

It seems like the baby industry booms with each year, so store shelves are overflowing with helpful tools for parents and their developing little bundle. But that can make it sort of intimidating when trying to choose the best items when the time comes.
You no doubt have endless options in teething toys, for example, but the truth is, any of them would be worth a try. No matter how they’re packaged or marketed, teething toys are very effective overall. It’s all about trying different ones until you find one that works.
Teething toys are also generally low in cost, so you don’t have to strain your wallet testing several of them out.

More Teething Tips For Parents

A very helpful item to add to your baby’s stocking this year is a teething necklace. Safe and stretchy, a teething necklace is something your baby can wear for easy access to relief.
By freezing it first, your baby can chew on the necklace for cool, soothing relief for their sore gums.
Another option is a pacifier that clips onto your baby’s clothes, again, for easy access. You won’t have to keep picking it up if it falls out of their mouth or hand, which is convenient for parents, too.
Since pacifiers can be a little tricky when it comes to their developing mouth before teeth have erupted, you may want to talk to us about whether this option is right for your child.
Additionally, you can always stay stocked with pain relievers that are age-appropriate when your  baby needs supplemental relief. We would also include numbing gel in this category. Again, we encourage you to talk to us about which is best for your child.

Trust Our Team With Your Teething Dilemma

As wonderful as the holidays can be with a new baby in the family, if your child just happens to hit the teething age this time of year, it can make the season less peaceful.
But you can restore your family’s peace and joy by soothing your teething baby with a variety of effective strategies and help from a caring, child-friendly team of dental professionals. We know how hard it is to enjoy time with your baby when he or she is suffering.
That’s why we’re here to offer a gentle hand of support to help ease your child’s pain and discomfort through this important stage in their dental development.
Let our team at Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA be there for you and your teething child so you can have a more peaceful, relaxing holiday season. To request an appointment with us, call (209) 575-2400 or contact us online.

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