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Bridges are a way to get from one place to another.
That’s true emotionally as well as physically. We know this because we see it often at our dental office in Modesto, CA.
When someone gets a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, it takes them to a better place. They regain a sense of confidence. They feel like themselves again.
Sierra Dental Care can design and place a dental bridge. If you are missing a few teeth, call (209) 575-2400 today to request an appointment with one of our dentists.

The Cost of Missing Teeth

Many people will hesitate to replace their missing teeth. At first, they may think it’s no big deal, or it’s too expensive.
But they aren’t are considering the real cost of leaving a gap in their mouths.
It doesn’t take long before they notice that other people have noticed that they are missing teeth. When you are aware of this, you can become self-conscious in a lot of situations.
Talking to a client, customer, or a coworker.
Placing an order for your coffee in the morning.
Dining out.
In fact, those self-conscious feelings may prevent you from doing things you used to enjoy. You may find yourself turning down invitations to join your family and friends for a night out or a social get-together.
You may begin to compulsively cover your mouth with your hand any time you speak.
And you may no longer feel comfortable smiling in pictures.
On a more personal level, leaving the gap in your smile can allow some other changes to occur. Your teeth may start to shift (what is known as mesial drifting). This can cause more changes to your smile. This can affect how you bite and chew food.
And it’s also possible you could lose more teeth, which will just make the problem worse.
By getting a dental bridge, you can avoid many of these problems.
The bridge will fill the gap in your smile. Today’s all-ceramic teeth replacements look like natural teeth, so no one has to know that some of your real teeth are missing.
From a functional standpoint, modern bridges allow you to bite and chew naturally. You won’t have to give up any of your favorite foods.
Getting a bridge can stop “drifting” before it begins, so your teeth will stay where they should.

Building Your Bridge

If you are missing one or two teeth, a traditional bridge may be all you need to replace your lost teeth.
We can reshape nearby teeth to act as support for your bridge. When it’s ready, we’ll bond your bridge in place with dental cement.
If you are missing three or more teeth, however, we may recommend an implant-supported bridge instead. Dental implants are replacements for the roots of missing teeth. Implants can support your bridge without the need to reshape any of your remaining teeth.
Implants are embedded in your jaw. The bone bonds directly to the implants, holding them securely in place.

Wondering if a Bridge Could Help You?

If so, please schedule a consultation at Sierra Dental Care soon. Our dentists can examine your mouth, offer advice, and answer any questions you have about the different kinds of bridges.
Contact us online or call (209) 575-2400 today to schedule your appointment. We are open in the evenings three days per week and every Saturday so you can plan your visit at a time that works best for your schedule.
Our goal is to make dental care as accessible and as comfortable as it can be for our patients.

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