Enjoy Eating Again With Dental Restorations in Modesto

We have great food here in Modesto, CA, and the skilled dentists at Sierra Dental Care want to make sure you get to enjoy eating any time you want. Restorative dentistry can make life easier for you and those around you. Dental restorations from our team will:

  • Repair your diseased and damaged teeth to stop pain and make chewing easier.
  • Allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again.
  • Renew your smile so you can show it off proudly.
  • Improve your oral health.
  • Make talking easier so others can understand you.
  • Aid digestion through more complete chewing.
  • Help prevent problems with your body’s overall health.

Complete your smile and get back to enjoying your food again! Call our office today at (209) 575-2400 to find out your options.

Take Your Choice of Restoration Services

All our services are in one location, so there’s no need to go to a general dentist and then to the orthodontist, then to an x-ray lab, or an oral surgeon. All these services are available in our one private location. Competent, skillful restorative dentistry can mean the difference between having an enjoyable meal and one that you have to work to finish. We work hard to provide our patients with the best restorative options available, including:

  • Dental crowns. Natural-looking Procera crowns from Sierra Dental Care can fix chipped, cracked, or even broken teeth. Any of these situations can make for a painful eating experience.
  • Orthodontics. Orthodontics will not only align your teeth cosmetically, functionally they will improve your ability to eat. Invisalign clear aligners – might be used in this process. They are removable, easy to clean, not brightening your smile but also improving your ability to eat.
  • Dental bridges. If you are missing a tooth, our dentists can fit you with a custom dental bridge. Your bridge will restore the natural look and function of your smile, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the foods you love.
  • Dental implants. Implants are replacement tooth roots that we can use to provide many different types of restorations, including implant-based crowns, bridges, dentures, and even full arches of replacement teeth. Plus, implants help protect your jawbone against deterioration.
  • Dentures. We can help you whether you are missing a few teeth or need a whole new arch of teeth. Our modern, custom dentures will fill your smile with natural-looking teeth and let you smile, speak, and eat with confidence again.
  • Composite tooth fillings. Our tooth-colored fillings blend in with your other teeth so that others won’t notice them. Yet they are strong and stop cavities and discomfort in their tracks.
  • Root canal treatment. Painful, diseased teeth make eating difficult. A root canal will get you out of pain and can usually save your tooth, making biting and chewing easier.

There is no need to sacrifice the foods you love just because you’ve damaged or lost your natural teeth. Call us today at (209) 575-2400 to learn more about dental restorations.

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