I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort

If you are suffering from dental pain, the emergency dentists at Sierra Dental Care are here for you. We are open early, late, and every Saturday so that we can help you when you need us most. Call our Modesto, CA office at 209-846-3961 to get the emergency dental care you or your loved ones need.

Common Emergency Dental Situations

  • Cracked Tooth – A cracked tooth puts your tooth at risk. It exposes the sensitive pulp inside of your tooth and can lead to heat or cold sensitivity, infection, or even tooth loss. Sierra Dental Care has been saving people from these problems for decades. With our help, your tooth will be safe and your smile will remain healthy.
  • Broken Tooth – The pain from a broken tooth can be agonizing. You need to have it addressed quickly. Our dentists can solve your problem with a dental crown or another appropriate restorative dental solution.
  • Infected Tooth or Toothache – When there’s damage to your tooth enamel, whether from injury or tooth decay, you run the risk of infecting the nerve inside your tooth. If you have a toothache, swelling, or other pain near a tooth, you need to see us now. Emergency dental care is only a call away.
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Get Emergency Help Now From Sierra Dental Care

Call Sierra Dental Care now at 209-846-3961 to get the emergency dental care you need. If it isn’t an emergency, feel free to use our online form to set up an appointment. Our caring, experienced team will be here to help you through whatever situation you’re dealing with.


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