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You deserve to have a straight smile that makes you look attractive, capable, and confident.
But do you really have to wear metal braces to get that kind of smile?
Not anymore!
At Sierra Dental Care, we offer Invisalign in our Modesto, CA dental office for adults who need an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment.

How Invisalign Differs From Traditional Braces

In the past, anyone who sought orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth had only one option. Traditional braces were a great choice then, and they’re still used today because they’re incredibly effective.
But times have certainly changed!
Adults have more choices thanks to Invisalign. Instead of brackets and wires used in traditional orthodontic treatment, Invisalign uses plastic aligners that fit over your teeth.
You switch them out about every two weeks until your teeth have moved to their rightful place.

Advantages Of Invisalign Over Braces

While both methods are effective for straightening your teeth, there are some surprising advantages to choosing Invisalign.

Unlike Braces, Invisalign Is Removable

If you’re an adult, chances are you have a limited amount of time during your lunch break on a work day.
Do you want to spend any extra time in front of a bathroom mirror picking bits of food out of your braces?
We’re guessing that you not only don’t want to, but you wouldn’t even have time if you did!
With Invisalign, you can avoid that because you can take your aligners out when it’s time to eat! You also take them out to brush and floss, which helps keep your teeth clean more easily than if you were wearing braces.

It’s Not As Noticeable As Braces

You can probably recall how many of your friends wore braces during middle or high school. Although metal braces aren’t the most attractive things to wear, it wasn’t a big deal back then because you would’ve been among friends who were going through the same thing.
As an adult, you don’t have that luxury. If you wear braces, you’re likely going to be the only one in your social and professional circles.
Invisalign is barely noticeable, however, because the aligners are clear plastic. That’s a distinct advantage this treatment has over regular braces, especially for college-age patients and hardworking professionals!

It’s More Comfortable Than Braces

When it comes to the process of shifting your teeth into the right position, some orthodontic treatments are more intense than others.
Wires that link brackets on your teeth with braces have to be tightened about once a month to move everything into position.
Invisalign is gentler. Instead of any wires that need to be tightened, you simply change out your aligners every couple of weeks, so the pressure isn’t as intense.
Another way Invisalign is more comfortable than braces is that the aligners are smooth against your cheeks and lips. Brackets and wires can have sharp edges that poke and hurt or create painful sores until you get used to them.

It Works As Well As Braces

We offer traditional braces at Sierra Dental Care because they are still a tried and true treatment. But not everyone has the kind of needs that necessitate the brackets and wires for a couple of years. Usually traditional braces are reserved for younger patients or for people who have more complicated problems with their bite.
But Invisalign is ideal for adults who want a straight, even smile. It’s fast, comfortable, and discreet. You can also enjoy the same aesthetic results that braces can give.
It also takes a year or less for Invisalign to work! This puts you at an advantage over others who have to wait two years or longer for the end of orthodontic treatment.

Request A Consultation!

Any time you make a big investment, it’s important to think carefully and weigh the pros and cons before you make your final decision to purchase.
You take test drives when car shopping. You tour a home several times and ask lots of questions before signing on the dotted line.
Investing in your smile is no different.
Figuring out the right solution for your crooked teeth is a major decision. You immediately opt for wearing braces just because they’ve been around the longest.
You have more options for straightening teeth than ever before! It’s important to know about the advantages or disadvantages of various orthodontic treatments before choosing the one that will work for you.
Invisalign certainly has several advantages over the traditional route of metal braces.
But the only way to know if it’s right for you is to visit our team at Sierra Dental Care for a consultation.
We can help you decide if Invisalign is the clear winner for your new, straighter smile!
To request a consultation for Invisalign with one of our skilled dentists, call (209) 575-2400 or contact us online.

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