Invisalign clear braces from Sierra Dental Care in Modesto, CA are a great way to correct crooked teeth without anyone noticing your treatment. Our dentists have years of experience and advanced training in orthodontics. We have helped countless people just like you get the smiles they want at an affordable price – without sacrificing personalized care.

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that gives you straight teeth and a beautiful smile without using metal brackets or wires. The secret is in the clear plastic aligners (kind of like mouthguards) that fit over your teeth and gradually move them into the correct spots in your mouth.

You will get several aligners that you will move through. Every two weeks (or as directed by your Sierra Dental Care dentist), you will move to the next aligner in your series. At the end of your Invisalign series, you will have a straight smile that you can be proud of.

You will need to come in for a consultation before beginning your orthodontic treatment. Not all orthodontic conditions can be treated by Invisalign, and it isn’t effective for our younger patients because their dental structure is still developing. This orthodontic treatment is best for late teens and adults.

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Benefits Of Invisalign

  • Comfort – The smooth plastic that makes up your clear aligner trays are very comfortable. Sierra Dental Care will fit you with custom aligner trays so can go about your life as if nothing has changed, because nothing has.
  • Appearance – There is hardly any evidence of your Invisalign treatment to others around you, so you can feel completely confident at work or socializing with your friends.
  • Speed – Clear braces can correct your smile very quickly. In most cases, treatment is only 12 months. Get started on the one-year road to your new smile by calling today!
  • Convenience – The clear aligner trays are removable. You need to wear them for at least 20 hours per day, but you remove them for your oral hygiene routine and for meals. This means you’ll brush and floss like normal, and your diet won’t change, either. Eat what you want, and then put your aligners back in – it’s that simple.


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What are the wonderful things that Invisalign clear braces can do for a patient. According to Dr. Takenaga, as a invisalign dentist in Modesto, CA, despite its limitations as an orthodontic treatment, this alternative to conventional orthodontics can still do wonders for the right patients with the right expectations towards this product. Know more about Invisalign and our treatment process by visiting our website at If you're interested with our Invisalign treatment, don't hestitate to talk to one of our representatives. Call us today at 209-846-3961 and we'll help you understand it better.