Get to Know Signs of Teeth Grinding & TMJ (infographic)

Are you having TMJ problems? Not sure. That’s OK. We’ve created an infographic below to make you aware of some of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorders. You also should know that teeth grinding (which millions of people do) is one of the leading causes of these kinds of problems. If you are having these symptoms, you should schedule an ...

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Be Ready to Call Us for Emergency Dental Care

No parent wants their child to experience a dental emergency. It’s scary for you, and it’s scary for your little one. Yet, these things happen. Kids run into things — including one another. Accidents happen that can leave someone you love with a broken or knocked-out tooth. For families living in or near Modesto, CA, you should save this ...

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Could Veneers Give You A Great Smile? (quiz)

You are ready for a change. You are ready to improve your smile. That also means you may want to learn whether dental veneers are a good option for you. Veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic services that we offer. We have used them to help countless patients in and around Modesto, CA become more confident about their smiles. Take a ...

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Look Forward To Seeing Your Restored Smile

Nothing helps you appreciate something like losing it. Teeth are a great example of this. Most people never expect to lose their teeth. When it does happen, it can be more emotional than they anticipated. If you are at risk of losing teeth or are already missing some, you should know there are many ways to bring back more than just your smile. ...

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Give Yourself The Gift of A Bright Smile (infographic)

We may not have snowy white Christmases in Modesto, CA, but you can have a white smile in time for the holidays if you schedule a visit with us soon. Professional teeth whitening can be your gift to yourself. It can give you more confidence at social and work events, and it can help you look your best in your family’s holiday photo. Call 209-846-3961 or ...

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Why You May Need to Take Out a Tooth

Dental care is about helping you have the healthiest smile possible. A vast majority (let’s say 90 to 95 percent) of the time that means helping your keep as many teeth as you can. During those few occasions when a tooth should be removed, you should come to our Modesto, CA dental office for your oral surgery. Indeed, tooth extractions may be ...

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Your Needs Come First at Our Practice (video)

At Sierra Dental Care, we get enjoyment from caring for people. Dentistry is the way we achieve that. In the video below, Dr. Marinello Manuel explains why being a general dentist is so rewarding. If you are looking for a dentist in Modesto, CA, pay us a visit. We think you’ll see that our focus is on you and your loved ones. Call 209-846-3961 or ...

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Versatile Veneers Revive Smiles (infographic)

A “renaissance man” is someone who is good at many different things. In cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers may be the closest thing we’ve got to a renaissance service. Veneers have been reviving smiles for a long time. We’ve seen them work their magic at Sierra Dental Care. What could they do for you? To find out, schedule a consultation ...

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Replacements Can Be As Good As Real Teeth (video)

Tooth decay can lead to a tooth infection. A tooth infection can require a root canal. If the infection is too bad, the tooth may need to be removed and replaced. A dental implant and dental crown can give you a tooth replacement that functions, feels, and looks like a real tooth. Michael knows this firsthand because he got that kind of ...

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Complete Your Back-to-School Dental Checklist

The first day of the school is just around the corner. You want your family to start the year healthy, and our team at Sierra Dental Care can help. While you are picking up school supplies, schedule a trip to our Modesto, CA dental office by calling 209-846-3961. A dental checkup is good any time of year, but it can be particularly important while classes ...

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